The Response of Architecture to Pandemic : How COVID-19 Impact the Design?

The first speaker, Ar. Joan has shared with participants, of the architectural response during the pandemic. That included conversion of public buildings into quarantine centers and crowd-sourcing efforts to produce PPE suits for frontliners. She concluded her presentation with a series of sustainable design principles for the young architects to move forward in the ‘new normal’.

This module will discuss the current situation and the challenges that we are facing during this time of pandemic. How the built environment industry making its way to resolve the fast growing problem cause by COVID‐19.

The rapid spread of the virus has caused us to reevaluate our life’s work, and what it might mean for design. This is an opportunity to rethink everything, the way how we build cities and communities to be even more resilient, healthy, beautiful, green and creative. The right time for us to advocate for the future. A great realization of the world should in harmony with nature. Today, innovation, science and technology with right blend of imagination is valued for solutions that enhance the quality of life.

Author: Joan De Leon Tabinas