Stone Nest Amphitheatre for Community Activities

Category B-4 Honorable Mention

Category B-4: Public Amenity Social and Cultural Buildings 
Honorable Mention

Award credit: Wei He, Long Chen
Location: Weihai, China
Photography: Jin Weiqi

Located at the southern end of a new commercial and residential development, the Nanjing Art Center in Nanjing, China, creates a landmark in this new urban development. The design concept iterates a series of linear elements that twist in section of this two-story volume to combine wall and floor in a single sinuous gesture. 

Multiple folded walls encase the building’'s program and generate an intense spatial richness that creates a series of interlinked public spaces that promote exploration and interaction. This process of turning and folding these walls generates experiential richness, connects interior and exterior, and turns the building into a unified form that creates a dynamic presence when seen from the street.