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The Asian Congress of Architects (ACA) is a major regional congress held every two years that take the form of a large international congress for fostering intellectual exchange and strategic discussion on regional challenges, initiatives, and development amongst hundreds of architects.

The 20th Asian Congress of Architects (ACA20), proposed by the United Architects of the Philippines, is to be held in Boracay Island, Philippines, on September 17-23, 2023, themed on "Paghahabi: Weaving a Future-Ready Environment".

The word “weaving” conjures up myraid images, symbols, and ideas. When we transcend our more common, explicit understanding of it as a way to describe how objects are constructed, we start to see how it may also have a deeper meaning: that neatly-woven mats are very strong and resilient to most kinds of pressures.  Weaving is also about culture interconnected to a place’s biodiversity, the fusion of influences and how that shapes history, and collaboration as a way to work, create, and invent.
——claimed by the host

Registration for ACA20 is available at

Registration fees vary in different categories:

Architects and Guests 40 years old and below
Fee: 300USD
Early Bird Fee: 250USD

Architects and Guests above 40 years old
Fee: 350USD
Early Bird Fee: 300USD

Architecture Students attending the Jamboree
Fee: 250USD
Early Bird Fee: 200USD

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