Livist Resort Petchabun


Architect Firm: Patchara + Ornnicha Architecture (POAR)
Principal Architect: Patchara WONGBOONSIN, Ornnicha DURIYAPRAPAN
Design Team: Patchara WONGBOONSIN, Prakai VORANISARAKUL, Ornnicha DURIYAPRAPAN, Pongsakon PONPAIBOON, Sakrawut SUMA, Chanont KAEKLANG, Panchika TRISUKOSOL
Location: Petchabun,Thailand
Area: 8,000 square meters
Completion Date: December 2020
Photography: Patchara Wongboonsin




All-Day Swimming Pool responds to leisure traveller’s needs for a long-term activity between in transit of Khao Kho’s fog observation and urbanized Petchabun.

Livist Resort is a city hotel located in the center of Petchabun, situating 40 minutes from natural attraction and surrounded by small local dwellings. The structure is in the garden around the west wings of the hotel, allowing travellers to see Khao Kho's sunset scenery from far. The Open-Air pool was enfolded by a collection of 14 Inverted Pyramid Structure, complementing to grow perennial plants. The span of 3.5 metres allows the sheltered space to breath and formed a conjoined pocket space as swimming experience. Initiating prolonged bathing, enveloped from the top but simultenously airy. 

The overgrown Callistemon Viminalis trees on a cast-in-place exposed concrete structure changes the diving scene seasonally and introduces swimmers to a tropical micro-climate bath.

The Vessel Bowl Pool composed of 2 layered circle. The outer layer act as a sun bathing space and children’s pool that gradually sloped into the center of the inner circle. The shape allowed multiple entrance and signify the intensity of declining water depth through the silhouettes of local marble tiles.  

During night time, the submerged planters reflected by a pool, transforms into a light sculpture.

exterior of the home, and marquina marble highlight certain areas and give a sense of solidity to the overall scheme. The natural palette work together to enhance the surrounding landscape and give materiality to the vacation home as grounds to be within the surrounding nature.